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Degrees of Opportunity is a collaboration of organisations supporting young people, providing greater choices and opportunities.

We aim to reward and celebrate the  achievement of young people, and providing them with a pathway to further develop their skills and leadership qualities beyond the programmes that they are currently engaged in.

Supporting young people to overcome challenges more effectively is why we are launching Degrees of Opportunity.

There are lots and lots of projects and programs seeking to engage young people in constructive activity, from entrepreneurship to volunteering, from sport and culture to environmental action, from confidence building to personal skills development... even sailing around the world in tall ships. 

For young people seeking opportunities for higher education,  many organisations offer opportunities to young people, and many are doing an excellent job. 


However, can we find a way of encouraging young people to engage even more, and recognise and reward them for what they achieve?


What if…

All the projects in one city agreed to collaborate by promoting themselves as a “menu of opportunities" for young people, and then encouraged their young people to take part in more and different activities.

Young people could be rewarded for their personal achievements, with recognition and opportunities?

What we do



What Is It... ...and How Does It Work?

Degrees of Opportunity is an umbrella organisation encompassing dozens of charitable and non-charitable organisations around the UK. Some of these organisations have music programs, others assist with traditional subjects, yet others work in the areas of sports.

We have brought all these organisations together under one flag to make it easy for you, a Student of Life and of the Street, to find the program you require to learn the skills you need to survive.


Degrees of Opportunity is About Survival Skills


Either you’re naturally good at something, or want to be trained in it. What good is learning anything if it doesn’t improve your ability to survive?


That’s the essence of street smarts, and of the Degrees of Opportunity program.


We will put you in touch with the correct organisation to help you get an accredited validation for your skills and any new things you learn under this program.


In this way, just like attending a traditional university, you can make your way through the Curriculum of Life and improve those skills necessary to your success and survival

Our Team



Our team has a broad range of expertise and a shared passion to make a difference to young people. Get in touch to find out more about what we do.

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Anne-Marie Waugh

CEO/ Program Manager

Untitled design (37)_edited.jpg

Ree Bazilio

Program Co-Ordinator

Mariet Babu 

Program Assistant

Untitled design (2).png

Darius Jemmott-Brown



Rafael Cariño

Technical Manager


Dinah Marie Benitez

Team Co-Ordinator

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